3 Simple Tips For Choosing The Best Crash Diet Plans

While doing my rersearch on Crash Diets That Work, I discovered some useful tips for choosing the best crash diet.

Many of my personal training clients have trouble losing weight, even on a very low calorie diet. For that reason, earlier this year, several approached me for my suggestions on crash diets that work. I know from experience that most very low calorie diets, are basically crash diets, and caution must be taken. Upon researching these low calorie diets, I discovered the #1 mistake to avoid.

Calories are measurements of energy, and provide the fuel our cells need to function properly. Cells are like little “factories”, working tirelessly to keep our metabolisms in good working order.

The “preferred” source of fuel for our cells is glucose (sugar), which humans take in by consuming carbohydrate foods such as potatoes,bread,fruits,rice, pasta etc. Our cells burn glucose efficiently, and in the case of simple sugars, very quickly.

Simple sugars are composed largely of white sugar. Simple sugars are what we would recognize as “sweets.”

On a very low calorie diet, our body is largely deprived of the energy cells need to perform their work. This is particularly true of brain cells. Brain cells require glucose to survive.

Put in a situation where very little fuel is being provided dietarily, such as a very low calorie diet, the body adapts in 2 important ways:

* The metabolic rate is lowered as the body assumes “starvation” mode. Calories are burned at a lower rate to make better use of them. For this reason, individuals may have difficulty losing weight, even when eating few calories.

* because very little glucose is being provided dietarily, the body must turn to lean body mass for protein. As the body breaks down protein, the final molecule resembles glucose. The body is literally “eating itself” alive!

Among the biggest mistakes to avoid on a very low calorie diet, is to consume inadequate amounts of dietary protein. And, as always, consult a physician before starting any diet.

So, ARE there any crash diets that work?

Earlier this year, several of my personal training clients approached me with the desire to lose weight quickly. They had set new year’s resolutions, and wanted desperately to keep them!

Most of them had failed at conventional diets MANY times. I explained to them that I wasn’t too keen on crash diets, but I would research them thoroughly, and let them know what I came up with.

After investigating several dozen plans, performing online research, and even phone interviewing several creators of popular diets, I put together my Top ten Diets That WorkFeature Articles, and Crash Diets That Work

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Michael Hutchins is a personal trainer with a degree in nutrition, well known online for his Top Ten Diets That Work.